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The mission of Brilliant Mindz Early Learning is to provide safe, affordable, quality child care for the surrounding communities. In doing so, we support families in their efforts to work and/or attend school.

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We use technology to stay connected with our parents.  The Procare Solutions app allows us to provide real-time feed of daily activities, digital check-in & out, paperless billing, and send messages & notices directly to our families.

Brilliant Mindz Early Learning childcare program is a state funded subsidy program. Help with childcare is available to parents who meet eligibility requirements to receive assistance with the costs of accessing high quality child care. Click here to apply. 


In light of evolving news pertaining to school closures and potential cases of corona virus (COVID-19) identified in Michigan, we want to reassure all of our families that we are following our prescribed cleaning practices. We want to make everyone feel safe in our center, so we are doing everything we can to keep exposure down.

To that end, we have reviewed our current, thorough cleaning practices and are reviewing such expectations with all relevant staff members. In addition, we are increasing the frequency of cleaning inspections to make sure all of our teachers understand and can meet these expectations. Our staff are taking extra precautions to avoid cross-contamination and ensure that all of our children’s belongings are kept separate and sanitary. As suggested by the HealthDepartment we have also ordered additional cleaning supplies so that we are prepared to enforce “deep cleaning” of common surfaces throughout potentially impacted areas.

We will be taking the following precautions upon arrival in the building.
If you or your child have traveled recently: We will be monitoring both you and your child upon arrival for a 14-day period. This means coming into the office for a temperature check before you are able to enter the building. Please continue to self-monitor and to check your child’s temperature at home.

If you or your child have traveled recently to a country, or state in the US, that has a confirmed case of COVID-19 (Corona virus): You will be asked to keep yourself and your child under quarantine for 14 days upon your arrival home. Monitor yourself and your child for symptoms, and please see a doctor as soon as symptoms arise. Children are known to be less susceptible to this virus, but also may carry the virus without symptoms.

We will be continuing to deep clean our classrooms daily, and using universal precautions when children aren’t feeling well. Please refer to our Parent Handbook for guidance on when children should be kept home from day care.

Thank you,

Mrs Hayes- McEaddy